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Increased Value and Better Digital Experiences without Multiple Vendors 

As you most likely heard, Episerver recently acquired Optimizely, the world’s leading digital experience optimization platform. And after thorough research and deliberation, Episerver has decided to rebrand and will now be known as Optimizely.  

This natural evolution brings together Episerver’s ability to create digital experiences through content and commerce with Optimizely’s ability to experiment and optimize across touchpoints. Organizations are no longer stuck choosing between purchasing a monolithic platform you will never grow into and continuously piecing together a puzzle of best-in-breed solutions. Now with Episerver and Optimizely under one name, teams are empowered to learn and grow as their digital maturity and audience expectations evolve. 

Why Episerver is Rebranding to Optimizely 

In-depth research on brand recognition and perception led Episerver to consider and furthermore confirm changing their name to Optimizely. Customers, partners, and industry leaders weighed in. 

“In the new Optimizely, we will bring to market the most modern digital experience platform. Through composable and flexible best-in-class capabilities from content, B2C commerce, B2B commerce, AI-driven recommendations, personalization, and experimentation, customers can grow with Optimizely as their business evolves.” – Alexander Atzberger, CEO, Optimizely 

Read the latest from Episerver to find out more about the rebranding, including FAQs. 

What the Episerver Rebranding Means for Adage Customers 

Episerver already had best-in-class AI and machine learning personalization capability with Product and Content Recommendations.  The addition of Optimizely to the Intelligence Cloud took things to a whole new level.  It allowed editors to experiment with machine-generated multi-variate tests and workflows with personalized content and product recommendations. For traditional Episerver customers, that means they can increase their value and build better experiences without bringing in multiple vendors. Experimentation and optimization can easily and seamlessly be a part of every project with guidance from an expert partner. 

All products under one company provides you flexibility to choose what meets your needs and budget. This Digital Experience Platform grows with you and allows you to get more from your investment as you continuously provide better digital experiences.  

Episerver (Optimizely) is now a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. Download the report to learn more. 

Source: Gartner

What Episerver Rebranding Means to Adage 

Adage has been a dedicated Episerver partner since 2001. This meaningful, long-standing relationship earned us three partner-of-the-year awards, a place in the Episerver Inner Circle, and a reputation as the most-experienced Episerver partner in North America. 

As the Episerver product ecosystem has evolved, our expertise has evolved. Our steadfast relationship will remain strong as Episerver’s name changes to Optimizely. 

Adage boasts;  

  • 100+ implementations,
  • 250+ integrations, and 
  • $2B in ecommerce transaction per year.

This plus an in-house Episerver Most Valued Professionals (EMVP) positions Adage and our customers for continued success.  

“By rebranding to Optimizely, Episerver takes another step in being the undisputed leader in digital enablement.  The name Optimizely more accurately reflects the requirements of being online today … those who can experiment, adjust, and optimize will be the winners in digital tomorrow,” explained Roy Chomko, President of Adage Technologies. 

What to Expect and Next Steps  

You will experience a calculated, carefully considered rollout of Episerver rebranding to Optimizely. To learn more about the rebranding and next steps, join us for Episerver’s Customer Brand Update Webinar this Thursday, February 18th at 9 am Central.