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Congratulations, Glenn!

Adage is proud to announce Glenn Lalas, Software Development Manager is now recognized as an EMVP or Episerver Most Valued Professional. Glenn is on his 9th year with Adage and is also an Episerver Certified Developer for both Commerce and CMS.

Adage, 2X Episerver Partner-of-the-year

Adage has been an Episerver Partner since 2010. With over 70 implementations and 250 integrations we are the most experienced Episerver Partner in North America backed by proven customer success. Find out why Roy Chomko, Adage’s President & CEO chose to partner with Episerver years ago and why Adage was the featured partner for a recent Episerver Connect event in Chicago.

What makes an EMVP?

Episerver defines EMVPs as “individuals who bring their experience in technology and business forward in the spirit of open exchange of knowledge and creativity. They willingly use knowledge gained through their own successes and failures to accelerate the success of others (August, 2019,”

Why is being an EMVP important to Glenn?

“I am extremely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to join the EMVP community. I have always looked to the EMVPs for guidance on best practices and innovations in the realm of Episerver, and I am excited to have the chance to work more closely with them and Episerver to help bring the awesomeness of the platform to wider audiences. I am excited to continue to share all my knowledge and experience with everyone out there!” – Glenn Lalas, Software Development Manager at Adage and EMVP

Why does Glenn choose Episerver for Adage clients?

“Even in the early days, I could tell that there was a dedicated focus to making the platform as easy to use and extensible as possible. As an organization that does a lot of integrations with disparate systems, it has been so beneficial to have a CMS which not only allows integration, but actively embraces it.” – Glenn Lalas, Software Development Manager at Adage and EMVP

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