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Our Key Takeaways From the 2020 Episerver DXP Roadmap Series

Adage is an Episerver Premium Partner and member of the exclusive Episerver Inner Circle. Episerver is constantly providing updates that help our clients and enhance the customer experience. In June 2020 Episerver hosted a series of webinar updates on the digital experience platform. Here, we provide a summation of the updates to the suite and what it all means.

2020 Product Themes – The Three Ss


Accelerating time to value through faster, tailored deployments

  • New Vertical Solutions:
    • Insite B2B Commerce for Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Enhanced Cloud Deployment:
    • Improved Self – Service Capabilities
    • New DevOps friendly CI/CD capabilities
    • Automated integration of monitoring
    • New Headless Capabilities

Smart Analytics

Empowering clients to make smarter decisions through enhanced analytics


  • Enabling clients to scale faster with fewer resources, through built-in automation
    • Personalized Content Recommendations
    • Automated Content Audit
    • Natural Language Processing Powered Content Taxonomy


  • Analytics Platform leveraged across all of Episerver under “Customer Data Platform
  • Unified Personalization and Analytics Suite
  • Personalized Content Recommendations to be available via Email/Marketing Automation

Key Releases and Updates


  • Deliver more changes to your customer experience faster
  • Automate deployments using Epi CI/CD APIs
  • More insights and capabilities to aid the technical user


  • Content Manager
    • New content-centric way of managing key types of content (Pages, Blocks, Containers of Specific Content)
  • Publishing Enhancements
    • Simplifying the process when working with blocks of content
    • Inline editing and Inline Publishing
From Episerver DXP – Inlined Block Editing

Episerver DXP Customer Service

  • Customer Service App GA just released

Content Intelligence

  • Automated content audits in real-time
  • Topic level guidance on where to invest and cut
  • Prove ROI of your content by topic

Episerver’s Content Intelligence Cloud will create information about your data that you were previously unaware of, creating insights about your customers to aid you in improving their experience.

Content Recommendations

  • Increase engagement at a 1:1 level
  • Drive incremental conversions
  • Save hundreds of hours with no manual rules

These have been incorporated into the new vertical solutions where they can be the most impactful.

5 Main Focus Areas on the Roadmap


  • Smooth Deployment (Released) – Better Customer Service w/ less Disruption
  • CDN API – Ability to access CDN Cache
  • DXP Portal Updates – Cost-Effective maintenance for your customers
  • Image Optimization – Improved performance for media-rich sites

Content Management

  • New Content Manager Mode and Content Model UI
  • Approval Flows to better connect content workflows to business processes
  • ASP .NET Core
  • Updated REST API

Personalization & Analytics

  • B2B Product Recs
  • Segmentation Updated – Much more practical to be able to treat each shopper as an individual
  • Email Content Recs – Ability to optimize 1:1 outreach
  • Global Availability
    • Deployed in Azure; can support global brands and customers

Episerver B2B Commerce (Formerly Insite Commerce)

  • Spire Storefront
    • Within the Insight Portfolio, allows organizations to sell directly immediately
  • Product Information Management or PIM
  • Mobile Content Management System or CMS
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

Episerver B2C Commerce

  • CSR Application
    • Dedicated, stand-alone application
  • Catalog Update
    • More Nimble, improved synchronization
  • Commerce Analytics
  • PIM for B2C – Pulled from the Insight stack

The overall product strategy for the Episerver platform is to increase customer-centricity in the cloud environment by improving the analytics, CMS, personalization, and commerce functionalities.

What Episerver DXP is doing in Headless

Two Lenses in how to view headless

  • Downstream Templating
    • We can template in React JS and other JavaScript frameworks
    • The Content Hub
      • CMS as the Content Provider, the hub of many different delivery channels
  • COPE – Create Once, Publish Everywhere
  • CAPE – Create Anywhere, Publish Everywhere. The CMS is operating more as the orchestrator in this model.

Episerver has multiple initiatives underway to support headless but two, in particular, are of note:

  • Foundation Single Page Application (SPA) built with React – The starting point for an Episerver SPA headless site, open-source licensed
  • Content Manager – Newly Released!
    • Lightweight Editing UI that allows you to manage content items outside of Edit Mode
    • Grid View – Add-on that helps manage large volumes of data within Edit Mode
  • Managing content is not the same as managing the web channel

If you would like more information about the Episerver roadmap and recent releases you can contact us. You can access the webinars in their entirety.