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Episerver Ascend

Adage Technologies is a Premium Episerver Partner and are proud to have had an increased presence at Episerver Ascend 2018. Ascend is an immersive 3-day conference that offers attendees educational and networking opportunities. During the conference, Adage revealed customer success stories from Unico Hotel, American Academy of Pediatrics, Lacks Valley Furniture and more.

What Adage Learned

Developers, product managers and sales team members engaged in educational opportunities at Episerver Ascend. Developers attended hands-on workshops and training courses teaching new and better ways to implement Epi products. They also enjoyed learning about the “Headless CMS,” a new way to update content on one platform for both your web page and mobile app.

The Adage Sales Team took the time to learn more about customer wants and needs. They are now even better equipped to educate customers on using Epi products and best practices. The Adage team is a trusted resource for Episerver implementations and migration from Ektron to Episerver.

Industry Trends and Focus

Epi Ascend 2018 offered considerable focus on understanding customer behavior and creating a better customer experience. It is important to identify what should be measured and find the best way to track and analyze results. This information should drive decision-making and produce true omnichannel implementation. Customers exist in and out of the digital landscape and will navigate toward organizations who offer a seamless experience.

The importance of customer experience is why customer journey mapping matters now more than ever.

What can you gain from mapping your customer journeys?
1. Create a more tailored experience.
2. Focus on building empathy for your customer.
3. Learn what is guiding your customers toward purchase.
4. Identify critical touchpoints in the buying cycle.
5. Identify buying stages that need help.

Epi Ascend Wrap-up

Adage is excited to put new ideas into practice and help our clients achieve the most from Episerver implementations.

See you next year!