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Indago™ Enterprise Search Made Easy

Indago is an enterprise search accelerator that is affordable, fast-to-market, and easily customizable.

“Indago allowed our association to have a single search box for all of content. Our members expect to have a single search for publishing, learning, policy statements, and our member directory and Indago delivered.”

Why Indago for Enterprise Search?

Indago is an enterprise search accelerator that is affordable, fast-to-market, and easily customizable. Your audience requires a single search box to access all of your content regardless of where it is hosted.
Wherever your content lives, Indago reduces the time to implement Optimizely Search & Navigation by providing back-end and front-end features out-of-box.

In addition, Indago provides features to bring your site search to baseline expectations more quickly. You are connecting your audience to your content across platforms. Bring content from your CMS, AMS, LMS, CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Forums, and Blogs into a singular search experience.

Extendible Framework

Indago is designed and built to scale for enterprise federated search implementations with back-end and front-end coded to be extended.

Search Results Display Type

Highly extendible search results display types for content types like e-commerce, publishing, continuing education, and member directories.

CMS Editor Configurable Facets

Configure facets within the CMS for easier control without the need for a developer.


Faceted search provides a simple to use experience. Facets based on Optimizely Categories and Properties.


Sorting by date or relevance and designed to be extended for federated search.


Search queries are improved with enable auto complete functionality.


Pagination allows users to better navigate large volumes of content and improves search UX.


Boolean searches are enabled for AND, OR, NOT, and quotes, making precise queries possible.
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Increase of one million page views in the first three months.

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Indago provides federated search acceleration for Optimizely Search & Navigation.

With Indago getting to a single search experience for all of your content across websites and platforms like learning management systems, association management systems, eCommerce, member directories, and locations, is faster. With pre-built functionality and framework designed and built for enterprise search implementations that need to scale.

About Indago Federated Search Accelerator

What exactly is Indago?

Indago is an accelerator Nuget package designed and built by Adage Technologies to speed time to market for Optimizely Search & Navigation.

What search engine powers Indago?

Optimizely Search & Navigation (formerly Episerver Find) built on Elastic Search and augmented by machine learning, analytics dashboards, and user interfaces to control boosting, best bets, autocomplete, synonyms, and more.

Do I need to own Optimizely Search & Navigation to use Indago?

Yes, Optimizely Search & Navigation is a dependency. Indago is built on top of Optimizely Search & Navigation and provides front-end and back-end functionality, allowing users to leverage the power of Optimizely fully.

What do I do to maintain and support Indago?

Indago is supported by Adage Technologies.

How often will Indago be updated?

Indago’s product roadmap is updated frequently with releases planned for 2021.