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Adapt and evolve to future-proof your organization.

Digital Transformation propels your organization forward to meet the changing expectations of your members, non-members, and internal staff. It requires organizations to adopt new practices to align consumer and user experience with your existing operations, culture, and digital landscape.

Your digital landscape intertwines all aspects of your organization.

Graphic showing how each department is intertwined in an organization's digital landscape.

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Digital Transformation starts with strategy and visioning.

Before Digital Transformation can begin an organization should ensure readiness, complete an in-depth analysis and
develop a strategy and vision for proceeding.


Strategy and Visioning

Ensure your organization’s readiness by completing an in-depth analysis and developing a strategy and vision for your project before the Digital Transformation begins.

Organizational readiness
  • Is there a compelling business driver?
  • Is leadership invested?
  • Is the organization willing to change?
Research & Discovery
  • Strategy workshops
  • Audience research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical, brand and content audits
  • Road mapping


Quick Wins

Start by identifying quick wins or initiatives that will have the largest impact with the least amount of required time and resources. Then the organization can prioritize longer-term, comprehensive opportunities.

  • Selecting platforms and development
  • Creating Agile teams
  • Aligning stakeholders
  • Implementing content strategy and governance
  • Unifying brand
  • Improving ecommerce experience



Track the outcomes of your project’s success. Organizations experience results ranging from increased member retention and non-dues revenue to improving member satisfaction and engagement.

  • 30% increase in revenue
  • 95% decrease in customer service calls
  • 2X website visitors

Digital Transformation Workbook

Download our Digital Transformation Workbook to learn about the ABCs of Digital Transformation. You’ll walk through a readiness checklist, reflect and score your organization and identify internal points of weakness and strength as you face a Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation applies to ANY size organization and the initiatives involved are unique to the organization

“The new OrthoInfo empowers patients by helping them to better understand their conditions, find answers to questions, and prepare for surgical procedures, anytime, anywhere.”

William J. MaloneyAAOS President

“Our previous website was the cause of frustration for users and also for web admins. With the redesign and stronger integration capabilities, we have seen a rise in time spent on the website and also less complaints regarding where items can be found.”

Lily SnyderAAPD Web and Social Media Manager
American Academy of Pediatrics Logo
Logo for NSGA, also known as the National Sporting Goods Association
Logo for AAPD, also known as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Logo for NCREIF, also known as the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries
Logo for AMTA, also known as the American Massage Therapy Association
Logo for the Society of Actuaries
Logo for the American Health Information Management Association, also known as AHIMA
Logo for Women's Council of Realtors
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