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Have you wondered what it is like to work at Adage? Through our Day in the Life series, we are taking a look into what the Adage team is up to every day!

Meet our Project Owner Amy Catanzaro, who has been with Adage since June 2020!

Amy Catanzaro, Product Owner
Amy Catanzaro, Product Owner

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start my day by catching up on emails and taking part in team stand-up. There are typically client check-in meetings and a lot of responding to/prioritizing tickets in Jira. I troubleshoot any items that I can address without passing them off to a developer on the team. Adage also follows the Scrum framework, so we have team rituals such as pointing, planning, or retro that are important for me to attend. I also take part in internal team meetings for some of our bigger projects, budget updates, reporting, and answering questions for the team.

What type of challenges do you solve in your role?

I manage all of my clients’ priorities while completing timelines and tracking projects for our clients throughout the various stages of development. I also have to keep a careful eye on the client budgets. Our clients trust me to look at the project and propose ways to save money by using Out Of the Box (OOB) functionality in either the CMS or Tessitura to achieve the same goals for our clients.

What’s a particularly interesting thing you have worked on recently?

Digital Wallet functionality for providing e-tickets

How do you stay in touch with your colleagues while working remote?

Adage utilizes Teams chats to stay in touch – individually and in lots of different chat groups. We also have daily standups and various other weekly meetings where we check in on each other personally in addition to covering work-related agenda items. I also can’t forget the virtual team lunches, virtual coffee breaks, and a weekly virtual team hang-out session where we play online games together.

What do you do after work?

After work, you can find me reading or attending my kids’ activities. I also am watching Ted Lasso, The Great British Baking Show, The Crown, and NCIS!

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