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Certified Umbraco Partner with Umbraco Developers

Adage Technologies is now a Certified Umbraco Partner. Umbraco is an open source content management system known for flexibility and an intuitive editing experience. Umbraco Certified Partners are identified as skilled web development agencies that fulfill a certain amount of official training and certifications. Developers at Adage have earned both the Umbraco Certified Professional and Umbraco Certified Expert badges!

umbraco partner-umbraco developer-adagetetch

Why Umbraco?

Adage completed an extensive evaluation of around seven different open source content management systems on multiple criteria. They wanted a tool that could develop and scale for future, was easy-to-use for developers and easy-to-manage for clients. Adage found Umbraco CMS best met their needs.

“I like working in Umbraco because it’s fast, intuitive, easily extensible, and has a helpful and engaged community.” – Zachary Marks, Senior Developer at Adage

Adage’s Umbraco Experience

Adage’s Umbraco development experience includes Virginia Arts Festival, Norman Rockwell Museum, and Hubbard Street Dance, to name a few. The Hubbard Street Dance project was recently submitted for an Umbraco Award in the best design category. Adage completed a concise, flexible, full site redesign that renders perfectly on any device. The design offers an optimized user experience and an easy-to-edit interface for Hubbard moving forward. The Adage Umbraco partnership allowed all this with limited time and budget.

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