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User Experience Design

Woman looking at computerDesign ThinkingUser Experience Design

The What, When, and Why of User Testing

Successful digital experiences solve users’ problems before they know they have them. Whether it’s how users should navigate through the website to find the info they need, or if they need to move through an easy and intuitive ecommerce path, understanding the user experience is vital to the growth of your business.   User testing allows organizations to understand how users interact…
Amy Tolle
July 18, 2023
man sitting in conference room smiling with computerAccessibilityUser Experience Design

Busting 3 Accessibility Myths

Despite being a hot topic, web accessibility is still a mystery to many people. There are a lot of misconceptions about accessibility guidelines, and what it takes to make a website more accessible. Let's explore three common accessibility myths and uncover why they aren't true.  “Our audience doesn’t need accessibility features”  Have you ever rolled a stroller or luggage through…
Jess Brown
July 5, 2023