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Industry InsightsOptimizely

Optimizely Features to Take Advantage of in 2024 

Last year, the Adage team attended Opticon 2023. We got a glimpse into what Optimizely accomplished this year and the roadmap ahead. Optimizely has several new initiatives planned for next year as well as enhancements to their existing technologies.   From AI assistants to collaborative experimentation projects, Optimizely releases are designed to help organizations advance their digital experiences. Now is the…
Glenn Lalas
January 3, 2024
Man smiling at workIndustry InsightsStaff Augmentaion

Three Core Business Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Every company is trying to determine the best way to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. Whether it’s trying to complete a project to meet business goals, starting a new project in technology you don’t have expertise in, or simply increasing your internal capacity, companies need a flexible, cost-effective solution that furthers long-term needs.   Enter staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is ideal…
Kyle Sandine
November 29, 2023
Man talking to other personIndustry Insights

Philanthropy Update: End-of-Year Giving Campaigns 2023

End-of-year giving is a critical component of most fundraising plans. Upwards of 30% of all philanthropic giving is done in the last two months of the calendar year1. In 2023, end-of-year campaigns are expected to play a more critical role than ever, because while charitable giving overall is strong in the US, the donor pool is shrinking2.  The holiday season…
Barbara Mazer
October 25, 2023
Two men in a meetingDevelopmentDigital TransformationIndustry Insights

Considerations for Implementing a Digital Experience Platform

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have set an extraordinarily high bar for what consumers expect from digital platforms. We’re accustomed to remarkable, instantly accessible, and seamlessly delivered experiences that would have been considered impossible just a handful of years ago.   Businesses now have no choice but to get as close to that standard as possible. With the…
Roy Chomko
May 10, 2023
Industry InsightsOptimizelyPartnerPast Events

Episerver Ascend 2019 Conference Takeaways

Adage’s Experience at Episerver Ascend 2019 Ascend is Episerver’s Annual Conference that brings together Episerver representatives, customers, and partners to share ideas, learn new concepts, and prepare for continued innovation. Episerver Ascend 2019 proved to be packed with resources and opportunities. After exhibiting, presenting solutions, and attending breakouts, workshops, and networking events, these are our top 5 takeaways of 2019.…
Rene Reiter
November 20, 2019
Industry InsightsOptimizelyPast Events

Episerver Customer Connect 2019

Adage, Featured Episerver Partner Adage, a Premier Episerver Partner, and 2X Partner of the Year were recently chosen as the representative partner for the Episerver Connect in Chicago! We’re proud to have been part of the event that was centered around customers networking with other customers. Episerver Connect attendees had a unique opportunity to share experiences and best practices through…
Rene Reiter
April 17, 2019
agile living - business frameworksAdage Culture | CompanyIndustry Insights

How a Business Framework Can Make Your Organization More Agile

As President and CEO of Adage Technologies, I am in continuous pursuit of becoming more agile, both professionally and personally. Being Agile is something we work toward at Adage and I had the opportunity to share my experience on Jon Voigt's Agile Living Podcast. Entrepreneurs, find out how to become more agile and adapt to a constantly changing business landscape…
Roy Chomko
February 27, 2019
Insight Venture Partners Acquires EpiserverIndustry InsightsOptimizely

Insight Venture Partners Invests in Episerver

Insight Venture Partners Invests in Episerver If you have not heard the news, Episerver continues to rise as a serious player in the ecommerce and CMS space. They are in the process of closing on a sale to a new investor (Insight Venture Partners) after being bought by Accel-KKR a few short years ago. Just last week, I had the…
Roy Chomko
September 18, 2018