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Digital Transformation

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Self-Service Portals: The Key to Improving Membership Value 

There are two questions your association has probably been asking itself for a while. How do we increase the value of our membership? And what are ways to attract and retain younger members?   One commonly discussed solution is to invest in a self-service membership portal. But while self-service membership portals are a hot topic of conversation for associations, they aren’t…
Jake Toohey
October 11, 2023
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Ways to Fund Your Digital Presence Investment

Are you considering a digital marketing project – like a website redesign or feature enhancement - but are not sure how to pay for it? Your digital marketing presence is critical to your success, so you can’t afford to NOT invest in your digital presence. However, as much of Adage’s work is with non-profit, mission-based companies, we understand that securing…
Barbara Mazer
September 27, 2023
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4 Features for a Successful B2B Search Strategy

Search plays a vital role in B2B ecommerce. The better your search functions, the easier it is for customers to find the products they need, and the faster the company makes a sale. But what do you need for an effective search function for B2B websites? Let’s explore four key features every company should implement for a robust search experience. …
Brian Hill
June 20, 2023
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Considerations for Implementing a Digital Experience Platform

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have set an extraordinarily high bar for what consumers expect from digital platforms. We’re accustomed to remarkable, instantly accessible, and seamlessly delivered experiences that would have been considered impossible just a handful of years ago.   Businesses now have no choice but to get as close to that standard as possible. With the…
Roy Chomko
May 10, 2023
Digital Transformation

Project Road Mapping 101

Importance of Road Mapping Road mapping is an important part of any technology initiative from smaller website redesign projects to complex, multi-year projects like digital transformation. In this video, Mike Kovach and Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultants at Adage Technologies discuss: What is road mapping The value of road mapping The importance of staying agile Research involved in road mapping…
Rene Reiter
February 12, 2019