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Azure Outage: Preparing for Business Continuity

Earlier this week Microsoft Azure services were unavailable within their South Central US data center. Strong storms and lighting rolled through south Texas causing what Microsoft described as a “power voltage increase that impacted cooling systems.” Thousands of Microsoft customers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) were impacted because of this outage.

Azure South Central US Outage

Cloud Hosting Disaster Recovery Plan

For one of Adage’s financial institution customers hosted in this data center, having the insurance policy of an application disaster recovery plan in place saved them hours in downtime for their website. When the outage occurred, Adage was able to redirect web traffic to the failover Microsoft data center, North Central US within minutes.

This business continuity solution utilizes active replication between geographically distant data centers to replicate in real-time changes to the CMS and database with minimum downtime. In the event of a data center outage, a disaster recovery failover can be quickly performed to allow access to the application in a different region.

What could have been hours of downtime and lost revenue was mitigated due to preemptive planning in the rare occurrence that a complete data center outage occurs. The business was able to resume as usual with minimal interruption and unbeknownst to customers.

Questions about your organization’s disaster recovery plan? Contact Adage, we’re happy to help.

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