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In this special event, the Adage SmartSeat SYOS team will present options for automating venue social distancing via potential future customization to SmartSeat. The SmartSeat social distancing webinar will discuss:

  • Acceptance criteria for our proposed solution
  • We met with Tessitura power-users to adjust and update our solutions
  • Now we are ready to share our automated solution with SmartSeat licensees

Please join us on Thursday, May 21 for a short webinar to review our proposed social distancing options.

If you are unable to attend, we will be recording this session and can share that recording with SmartSeat licensees.

If you not a current licensee and would like to learn more about what Adage SmartSeat SYOS can do to help you socially distancing your venue use the form below to contact Adage.

Webinar Event Description

Event Date & Time

  • May 21, 2020 | Webinar 3 PM Eastern

Hosted By

  • Adage Technologies

Co-Presented By

  • Claire Young, Project Manager for SmartSeat
  • Sarah Bordson, Digital Director for Arts, Culture, & Entertainment
  • Ian Xu, SmartSeat Product Architect
  • Will Moran, SmartSeat Product Designer
Claire Young, Smart Seat Project Manager
Ian Xu
Ian Xu, SmartSeat Product Architect
Sarah Bordson, Digital Director for Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Will Moran
Will Moran, Lead User Experience Designer

Missed the webinar? Want to learn more about how SmartSeat SYOS can automate venue social distancing?