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Association Web Development Highlights

2017 was an exciting year for Adage with many successful association web development projects. Adage began work with a number of new association clients, while continuing our work with clients like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and NCREIF.

Through our work with new and existing clients we gained extraordinary perspective on the challenges associations are facing. We helped determine how each could best serve their members and their missions. A common theme we discovered is the frustration association members experience when they cannot find information they seek on their association’s site. This often leads to feelings of distrust,  unrealized value, and lack of satisfaction with the association’s site. Adage’s laser-focus on providing value to clients and their members drives the web development solutions we’re eager to share!

AAOS OrthoInfo –Faceted Search Solution using Episerver Find

As the industry authority on injuries, diseases, and treatments associated with the bones and joints, AAOS provides the public with an online resource for information about all things orthopaedics called OrthoInfo.  With over 42 million visitors each year, AAOS knew it was critical to re-brand and redesign the site, while also focusing on the user’s ability to search and filter the enormous amount of content on the site.  Adage implemented Episerver Find, Episerver’s Enterprise Search product, with faceted search, so users could find exactly what they needed in just a couple of clicks.

Whether a user wants to find information by body part or via traditional search, the experience is optimized to get the user what they need quickly. The Episerver Find product allows visitors to easily search for and access related articles, patient stories and other media resources. This provides visitors with a complete picture of their musculoskeletal condition, treatment and/or recovery.

“The new OrthoInfo empowers patients by helping them to better understand their conditions, find answers to questions and prepare for surgical procedures—anytime, anywhere,” said AAOS President William J. Maloney, MD. “In addition, OrthoInfo is an important in-office resource and tool for our orthopaedic surgeon members, reflecting the Academy’s commitment to providing optimal patient care.” – William J. Maloney, MD. – AAOS PresidentOrthoinfo - Association Web Development- Episerver Find

NCRIEF –Member Industry Analytics

 After launching NCREIF’s public and member’s website in 2016, it was time to focus more on the value that NCREIF offers to its members.  The primary benefit to members is NCREIF’s data and the ability to access and understand it while simultaneously analyzing past or potential real estate investments.  In the past NCREIF members could only access and analyze by downloading and filtering spreadsheets. Adage provided a significant upgrade to the user experience by creating reporting tools. This included creating an interactive infographic-style map display tool, as well as rebuilding the NCREIF’s quarterly data query tool. The new query tool is consistent with NCREIF’s branding strategy and offers in many new features. New features include easy-to-apply filters, preset templates, customizable queries users can save, and an Advanced Mode that allows users to code their own queries right from the browser.NCRIEF Member Industry Analytics - Association Web Development

American Academy of Pediatrics – Unified Search Platform

Throughout Adage’s discovery phase of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) digital transformation initiative we heard several members express frustration in the ability to find information they were looking for.  For example, an anonymous AAP member complained, “I know that Google and Wikipedia are not as trusted, but I find what I need faster.” To contest this frustration, Adage developed a unified search platform that enabled AAP members, customers, and staff to easily search in one place for all things AAP.  Now, a search includes results from,,, AAP’s Journals and Publications portal, and AAP’s Point of Care Solution. In addition, the user interface includes implementations of machine learning for auto-complete as well as “best bet suggestions.”

The solution provides visitors a search tool (not Google) to find a plethora of resources from AAP.  Because Episerver Find includes results from commerce and publications as well as general information, users find what they are looking for faster and easier.  The unified, omni-channel search experience improved member satisfaction metrics, increased traffic, and decreased user frustration.American Academy of Pediatrics Unified Search Platform - Association Web Development