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Web Design and Development for Arts, Culture & Entertainment Sites

Adage Technologies is renowned for web design and development in the arts, culture and entertainment space. Teams at Adage strive to better serve clients by deepening our understanding of the industry and its evolving needs. 2017 marked another successful year helping our clients advance their missions through technology. We worked with over 60 existing arts, culture and entertainment clients to introduce exciting new features, plus launched a number of new, completely redesigned sites. We’re excited to share a few (TEN!) of the new website launches with the community!

While each is unique, all of these projects have a few things in common:

  • Stellar strategy sessions, focusing on the end user
  • Design work that artfully marries exploratory, on-brand content with streamlined commerce
  • Solid Content Management System solutions providing ease of use and robust functionality, like personalization
  • Smart implementations that maximize usability and minimize client cost (i.e. small code adjustments, reusing code)
  • Multidisciplinary teams driven by experts and committed to shared success with their clients

The showcased sites are built with one of two advanced commerce integrations, TNEW or Adage ACE Platform. TNEW Express Web allows clients to leverage their Tessitura system and the web with minimal cost, time, and overhead. It is a secure, hosted, web purchase path that is fully integrated with the clients’ Tessitura database. Adage created the ACE Platform for clients in need of ultimate flexibility for their commerce. It is a fully-customizable and highly configurable code base typically utilized for our non-TNEW Tessitura sites. Our design and development teams take advantage of the Ace Platform’s limitless capabilities and advanced personalization features.

Web Design Development Arts Culture Entertainment

TNEW Web Design and Development Projects

Guthrie Theater
The goal was to exemplify the unique architecture of the Guthrie Theater itself. Also note the specially-themed content pushing the Level Nine initiative. A space inside Guthrie focused on the growth of community-driven and atypical offerings.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Built utilizing an Umbraco open source content management template, Adage was able to launch this site quickly and cost-effectively. Check out the Dancers section of the site which beautifully highlights Hubbard Street’s company members.

McCarter Theatre Center
Entirely-women-led teams on both sides are responsible for McCarter’s amazing site (a rarity in Tech–although Adage is working to change that!). The production detail pages are a must see, including an always-present “buy tickets” button and navigation that auto-populates based on page content. Plus, all site content is fully accessible via keyboard for maximum usability.

Oregon Symphony
Adage created a light, elegant new design with a customized TNEW implementation and we’re especially proud of the custom subscriptions. We matched Oregon Symphony’s unique requirements by building a customized solution that feeds seamlessly into TNEW for patrons to complete purchases.

ACE Platform Web Design and Development Projects

Brooklyn Academy of Music
When Adage rebuilt Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) commerce with the ACE Platform we were thrilled to see them take full advantage of the personalization tools available in the solution. Through these tools BAM set up a personalized cart path that changes per site visitor. For example, members of different levels see unique messaging, offers, and pricing, and non-members receive promotions to become members with pricing rules dependent upon what’s in their cart.

Lyric Opera
Adage is working with the Lyric to rebuild and launch their commerce path in sections based on timeline requirements. We launched donations and the cart path first and have since launched subscriptions, with more features coming soon!

New York City Center
New York City Center’s beautiful new site highlights the variety of work on their stages through subtle theming that changes based on genre. Also, Adage built the production detail pages with the ability to auto-pull various data for each performance within the production (i.e. dancers, programs, or availability).

For the design of SFJAZZ Adage heavily utilized reusable content blocks to allow for ultimate flexibility in page layouts. Be sure to check out the scrolling block layout on the homepage, the custom calendar, and special member messaging throughout the site.

Ticket Philadelphia
In 2017 Adage launched the final phase of the commerce rebuild for Ticket Philadelphia, a complex multi-year project. We were tasked with designing one solution that would meet the differing needs of six websites across Ticket Philadelphia consortium members. Showing the true extensibility of the ACE Platform, Adage devised a version of the codebase that includes all of the requirements for each organization. Now each of the six participating organizations can configure their copy of the codebase on their own site to meet their specific organizational requirements by turning individual features on and off in the Episerver CMS.

SmartSeat by Adage

While not a new website, we did formally launch our newest product, SmartSeat in 2017! Mobile-focused, with the ability to create your own true-to-life venue maps. SmartSeat is an exciting new take on the future of intelligent seat selection. Now live for Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Cleveland Orchestra, New York City Center, and SFJAZZ, with 10+ more currently in development, SmartSeat is already proving its worth.

We invite you to explore the sites above and reach out with any questions or feedback you have; we’d love to hear from you! See a feature you like? We’re happy to talk through what it took to implement and how we could create something comparable for you!