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How have we continued to make this list year after year after year? It’s not just the great benefits package, growth opportunities, or unlimited LaCroix we offer employees, although those don’t hurt. At Adage we’re not just satisfied with doing a good job, we look at what we can do better next time. Whether that’s on a technical challenge or an internal process, Adage is committed to improvement. We ask for employee suggestions and feedback, then work on initiatives where we can make an impact.

Some of our most enjoyed perks that have come from employee feedback have been: the Core Hours policy that allows for flexible schedules, work from home options, Project Celebrations Happy Hours, Launch Lunches, and our newest offering: an offsite training raffle for employees to have more access to conferences and outside training opportunities.

It’s also our people that make Adage a great place to work. We look for people who are collaborative team players, and the effect is a culture where everyone is trying to help one another do great work. “From the moment of my interview to my first day, to my 100th day (and counting) Adage continues to be a welcoming environment full of hardworking and intelligent people,” says Tyler Heinen. To help foster team camaraderie, Adage hosts monthly happy hours, quarterly social events, game nights, and an annual retreat for employees to mingle. We’ll also have book clubs, guru groups, Lunch & Learns, and confabs for employees to exchange ideas outside of project teams.

We’re always on the lookout for great teammates at all levels. If you’re interested in being a part of our team, check out our careers page for our current openings.