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FitForCommerce Report 2019

FitForCommerce Report is a complete guide to the systems integrators and digital services partners in the digital commerce landscape. The 2019 report walks through the entire lifecycle of a digital commerce platform project, from selection to post-implementation services and everything in between.

Fit For Commerce 2019 Report

Best Practices for Ecommerce Implementation

Adage is featured in the best practices for implementing an ecommerce platform section of the report. Customers, whether a business or consumer continue to require a seamless omni-channel buying experience. Knowing this is mission-critical, organizations set out to refresh, rebuild or launch a completely new ecommerce implementation.

Adage experts know there are existing systems and processes to consider and these projects are an investment in your organization’s future. The 11 Best Practices provide piece-of-mind and mitigate risk for the organization entering in to an ecommerce implementation of any size.

Ecommerce Service Providers

The 2019 FitForCommerce Report also defines the three categories of service providers, highlighting their differences and explains when ancillary providers may be needed for other related services. Once defined, the report helps organizations asses the type of partner or combination of partners that could be the best fit.

Ecommerce Implementation Resources

Points for negotiating the statement of work, managing the project and making smart investment decisions are also discussed in the FitForCommerce 2019 report. Every year, various size organizations look to FitForCommerce for ecommerce implementation expertise.

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