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Authentically Engage Your Members with Video and Expand Your Organizations’ Reach

Webinar Description

Not only are associations dealing with the disruption of a pandemic, but they have been dealing with a changing member base for quite some time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to appeal to your changing member community. Leverage your members, the true subject matter experts, to develop user-generated video content and send an authentic brand message.

The future of your association’s member base are digital natives. Meet their expectations of community, content creation, and consumption. Experience the power of social proof and learn how video can lift the voices of your future association members.

We discussed:

  1. How to align communication strategy with the changing demographics of your diverse audience
  2. How to use video to increase brand awareness and brand reach
  3. How to be versatile with content creation to enrich the virtual network aspect of your organization

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Michael Hoffman
CEO at Gather Voices
Ben Muscolino
President & CEO at Breezio | AMS Geek | AMS Jobs
Jake Toohey
Sr. Digital Consultant at Adage Technologies
Joe Post
Joe Post
VP of Strategy and Design at Adage Technologies