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Jake Toohey and Joe Post (Adage Technologies) and Ben Muscolino (Breezio and AMS Geek) are joined by special guest panelists, Thomas Altman, Co-founder of Tasio, and Jeff Cheal, Senior Director of Customer Strategy at Episerver.  Hear how artificial intelligence and machine learning actually work and the significant benefits that they can provide to associations.

Learning objectives include:

  • Demystifying and getting comfortable with AI and machine learning
  • Learn what problems AI can solve at your association
  • How to implement an AI strategy for your organization

Watch Today

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Hosted By:

  • Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultant at Adage Technologies
  • Joe Post, VP Strategy and Design at Adage Technologies
  • Ben Muscolino, CEO of Breezio and AMS Geek

Guest Panelists:

Thomas Altman,
Co-founder of Tasio

Jeff Cheal,
Senior Director of Customer Strategy at Episerver