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New Name, Even More Flexibility

Being a flexible brand means keeping up with an ever-changing digital product landscape. ACE Commerce, previously known as the ACE Platform, does exactly that. To better describe the product’s capabilities from a naming perspective, Adage has renamed its premier arts, culture, and entertainment software accordingly. After all, its true identity lies in the building blocks — or components — that make it such a dynamic way to build a purchase path. Don’t worry, we still refer to it as ACE for short.

How ACE Commerce Fits into the Adage Brand

Along with the updates to our SmartSeat product, ACE Commerce received its own treatment utilizing the existing building blocks from our core Adage brand to represent key components in a successful commerce journey. Yep, we’re literally ‘stepping it up’.

What’s Next

Be on the lookout for new ACE Commerce components that can fit your user’s goals and expectations as well as your organization’s business needs.

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