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What were we working on to close out the year? A lot, it turns out!

This past Friday marked the first Project Celebrations Happy Hour of 2017. Shortly after the end of each quarter, our entire Adage team gathers to eat, drink, and present the highlights of project launches from the previous quarter. 4Q2016 was one of our busiest yet, so there was no shortage of cool projects to review.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most interesting projects and features from the evening of presentations, including work for the Federation of Pediatric Organizations, the Royal Danish Theatre, the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries, and Roundabout Theatre.

Federation of Pediatric Organizations Website Refresh

Presented by: Hayley (Project Manager) & Denise (User Interface Designer)

The Federation of Pediatric Organizations (FOPO) came to us looking to refresh their dated website without a full redesign. FOPO was a great opportunity for our design team to work on building a brand from the ground up, as FOPO came into the project with limited brand elements.

Our design team took their brand from a very simple logo to a fleshed out set of elements and designs that help FOPO support their goal of being a trustworthy resource. The new branding includes an improved logo and a color palette.

The FOPO site is built on one of our preferred .NET content management systems, Umbraco. The FOPO staff was very concerned about having a CMS that was easy to use, but still had advanced functionality. Some of that advanced functionality came in the form of reusable Umbraco Pods—content blocks that are reused throughout the site, including on the sidebar of their Joseph St. Geme Leadership Award page.

Royal Danish Theatre Kiosk Project

Presented by: Ed & Ashwin (Developers)

“I felt like I was Neo from the Matrix.” – Developer Ashwin on the RDT Kiosk’s development success.

Coming off of our work on the Royal Danish Theatre’s website, RDT asked us to help develop a ticketing kiosk to be used onsite in various places in Copenhagen. The new Tessitura-integrated ticketing kiosk efficiently reused code from their Episerver site to simplify development.

However, the kiosk format presented unique challenges, including testing on a browser unique to the kiosk hardware and protecting user data when the checkout process was abandoned. For the latter issue, Ed, Ashwin, and team built a custom timeout modal in ReactJS.

For more about the project, view our video walkthrough below.

National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) Reporting Tool

Presented by: Lauren (Project Manager)

NCREIF, a non-profit association, provides important access to industry data for its members. In addition to revamping their public and member sites, the Adage team also built a query tool to allow members to easily run reports based on its quarterly data.

The new query tool now blends seamlessly with their site thanks to a design overhaul, and features a new user interface and advanced functionality. The new tool features easy-to-apply filters, preset templates, and customizable saved queries, along with an Advanced Mode that allows users to code their own queries right from their browser.

Thanks to a foundation in Episerver and some efficiently-written code, the tool now also runs faster than ever before, useful when running large batches of reports.

Roundabout Theatre Sponsor-Your-Own-Seat

Presented by: Jeff (Project Manager)

For our latest project with Roundabout Theatre, Jeff lead the team in developing important new functionality for their 50Th Anniversary capital fundraising campaign. Roundabout sought to adapt their Kentico-based select-your-own-seat (SYOS) solution to allow patrons to sponsor and name seats across their multiple venues.

The new seat sponsorship SYOS shows seats available for sponsorship on a layout of each venue space, along with cost and any associate celebrity seat status. Setting up the SYOS to allow for this unique use took a significant amount of custom Tessitura integration work to allow for the seats to be associated with donations and to carry the associated custom messages through the cart path.

To date, Roundabout has raised nearly $42 million, with a sizable portion coming from seat sponsorship through the app. For an intro to the project by a real, live celebrity, watch the video below.

This Project Celebrations Happy Hour heavily featured work by our FEDUX (Front-End Development/Design/User Experience) team, so if you found reading about these projects interesting, you might also enjoy their recent webinar: The New World of User Experience: Building a Digital Brand to Increase Engagement. Design Director Joe Post discusses what digital brand, user experience, and customer experience really mean and how you can leverage them to increase conversions.