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Welcome to 2020!

New year, new decade! Adage is an exciting place to work and our continued focus on client satisfaction and a people-first approach make us an exciting partner to work with too! Year-over-year, Adage realizes healthy double-digit growth and in 2019 added 26 new clients and 17 Adage team members. As 2019 came to a close, we took some time to reflect on successes and what we will aim to achieve in 2020.  Read further to find out more!

2019 Highlights

Adage prides itself on helping client-partners advance their mission through technology. With 24 major site launches plus dozens of strategy & discovery workshops, audience research engagements, and SmartSeat implementations, there are too many client success stories to mention.

From 2019, we’d like to highlight two projects that realized near-immediate results, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CiSO). The AAPD project focused on improved user experience including the need for enhanced search capabilities and complex integrations. CiSO’s new site received a Platinum Marcom Award. The full website redesign and development project resulted in a 19% increase in revenue, 40% increase in transactions and a 56% decrease in page load time.

More often, full site redesign and development projects take time to see results. Late in 2018, Adage launched The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Certification Transcripts app for the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Adage-built web application enables Pediatricians to submit their required certifications to the American Board of Pediatrics, replacing submission by fax. The web application’s success was clear in 2019 as the AAP realized a 95% decrease in CME-related customer service calls. Mary Lou White, Chief Product and Services Officer at the AAP was excited to report that “this KPI says we did something right! Congratulations!”

Awards and Recognition

Adage is proud of the awards we win for our design and development work. To us, these awards are affirmation that our customer’s customers are realizing improved digital experiences. They can accomplish what they came to do and find the information they seek to find. This is more important to us than any accolade.

Other awards to note are our workplace awards like Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago and being named Episerver’s 2019 Customer Success Partner-of-the-Year! The award recognizes Adage for its keen focus on customer success by consistently delivering on-time, on-budget and above-par experiences for its mutual customers with Episerver, the customer-centric digital experience company.

Awards Page

episerver partner of the year award

Professional Development and Certifications

Continuing education is important at Adage. We encourage employees to take training courses, attend conferences and join knowledge-sharing groups. In 2019, Glenn Lalas was recognized as an Episerver Most Valued Professional (EMVP), a group of Adage Developers achieved various Microsoft Certifications while members of our Finance and HR teams became Certified Predictive Index Practitioners.

Adage employees also volunteer at places like the American Marketing Association, Women Who Code and other industry-leading organizations dedicated to advancing their field. On the whole, we are also proud to announce that 11 Adage employees received promotions in 2019.

Design Achievements

2019 was a great year for the Adage Strategy & Design team. We were busy throughout the year with 4 large scale digital transformations! Adage launched several new service mark packages that are driving growth in key areas: strategy and analytics.

The team has a continued focus on expanding its expertise, including but not limited to: digital transformation, analytics for strategy and user experience design, and design thinking. In 2019 the team’s work was recognized with four marketing, communications, and user experience design awards.

Technology advancements

Technology is at our core. Throughout 2019, Adage partnered with clients to increase efficiency and advance their purpose.

To meet our client’s various needs, we’ll continue to recommend Episerver as an enterprise-grade CMS and are excited to be a part of their growth and expanding product line. In 2019, Episerver acquired Insite Software, a leader in B2B commerce and Idio, a content personalization and analytics platform.

In addition, we have elevated our experience with Umbraco, a robust, open-source CMS that is highly flexible, intuitive and friendly. Umbraco released version 8 early in 2019 with a “fresh new look and a thorough clean-up of the codebase.” Umbraco 8 new features include Infinite Editing, Language Variants and Content Apps along with improved performance and stability.

This year Adage reached a major milestone.  Our cloud-managed services team has successfully moved all of our customers from our “traditional” hosting environment to either Azure, AWS, or Episerver DXC.  As part of this effort, Adage has formalized our cloud-managed service offerings to include full support to meet the needs of our customers using Azure, AWS, or Episerver DXC.

Project Management

2019 has been an exciting year for the Project Delivery team! We are appreciative of the opportunity to work side by side with our clients in delivering exceptional digital solutions. Andrea Chang joined Adage Technologies in November as VP of Project Delivery, responsible for overseeing the project management practice and building out a more robust quality assurance discipline that will enhance the client experience at Adage.

2020 Goals and Objectives

Adage hit the ground running in 2020! We’re streamlining support and services for our clients, offering a more robust QA process and finalizing an optimization offering for clients that focuses on continuous site improvement.

You can experience Adage’s industry experts at various events in 2020. Roy Chomko, Adage President will be participating in a panel discussion at .orgCommunity’s Innovation Summit as he was profiled in the recently published Association 4.0: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk, Courage and Transformation. We’re also providing a webinar on Audience Research for Association Forum, and a Workshop on Accessibility at ASAE MMC in April.

Find out where we will be in 2020 on our events page.


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