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Welcome to 2019!

We’re embarking on our 19th year of building web and ecommerce solutions for our customers and we are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. We continue to see organizations embrace digital changes at an ever-increasing rate. While technology changes, our mission does not… Technology Advancing Purpose. We strive to guide our customers in applying technology to help them meet and exceed their vision. Nothing makes us happier than to see our technology put to good use! We look forward to continuing our purpose in 2019, but first, a few highlights from 2018!

2018 Highlights

New Clients and Site Launches

Adage is thankful to partner with so many extraordinary organizations from a variety of industries, it’s difficult to choose which to highlight. Check this out and look forward to more site launch announcements on our ideas page.

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS full site redesign, branding and development resulted in a 99% decrease in bounce rate and 140% increase in pages per session. Mainstreet’s site not only improved member experience, but won multiple awards!

mainstreet website home page

Awards and Recognition

We are proud to announce we received 10+ awards and accolades in 2018! Adage was awarded for design and development work, our company culture, and expert implementation and integration of technology platforms like the CMS and Personalization badges we earned from Episerver.


Professional Development and Certifications

In 2018, multiple developers were certified in the most up-to-date version of Episerver and Episerver Commerce. Adage also had 7 employees achieve Advanced Google Analytics Certification and a Marketo (marketing automation) Expert Certification.


Design Achievements

Designers at Adage are an integral part of nearly every external client project and many internal marketing initiatives. Their breadth and depth of knowledge is realized in discovery workshops, strategy, beautiful yet accessible web design, and feature research and development for Adage products like the ACE Platform and SmartSeat.

In 2018 the design team won 5+ awards, mastered new platforms such as Screaming Frog to improve scalability, completed Advanced Google Analytics Certifications, and presented industry trends and best practices at various UI and UX conferences including the A11y Accessibility Camp.


Technology Advancements

Projects in 2018 have allowed us to be a major part of implementing new and exciting technology. Adage developed custom ecommerce solutions for clients with unique needs. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics which requires comprehensive search capabilities and product recommendation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We also advanced Adage products like SmartSeat our mobile-first, highly-configurable, easy-to-use venue builder and seat selection platform. The intelligent, select-your-own-seat tool added 10+ active clients in 2018.

SmartStart, another Adage product worth boasting about is a more efficient and cost-effective way to start almost any web development project. SmartStart is made up of a growing and extensible set of components that will guarantee our clients a feature set. Our vision is to continue to iterate on these components so that we can further drive efficiency. The components are designed to be flexible and to accommodate any look and feel, not to limit features or designs. Want to know more? Contact us.

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Project Management – Agile Scrum

At Adage we take agility seriously. In 2018 we have continued to build on our agile fluency with new PowerBI dashboards tracking team metrics, and continued training our scrum team leaders in the finer points of agility.

Externally, in 2018, Adage led an agile transformation for a major association client. We established two scrum teams and provided consultation on agile practices. We are in the process of developing a third cross functional scrum team that is leading content migration as part of digital transformation.


Growth and Success

There is a common saying that “healthy things grow”, and we’re pleased to have ended 2018 with more Adage people to “Enjoy the Journey” (an Adage core value). We added 23 new customers, 8 employees and formed a 7th scrum team. Our success is also shown financially with 17% growth in 2018.


2019 Goals and Objectives

QA and Customer Service

As we look back on 2018, a larger measure of our growth came from organizations switching or replacing their design/development agencies. We appreciate these opportunities to serve new clients, yet it also reinforces that our quality and service commitment to current clients must continue to be “Job One”. In 2019:

  • We will be expanding our QA services to include extended user acceptance testing; additional internal tools and various options for standardized regression testing.
  • Current customers will receive an update on a new 24/7/365 support offering.


Digital Marketing Services

A basic focus of ours is providing the technologies and platforms for expansion of your digital service capabilities. We are also adding capabilities here for situations where clients find it easier to allow us to provide parts of these services on an on-going basis. These service offerings will also be communicated through the first half of the year.

Where to Find Adage in 2019

Your Place or Ours!?!

For many of you we will meet at one of our offices as we are engaged on your project. To supplement project-based meetings, we hope you will attend an Adage Gathering in 2019! These are informal events every few months for us to reconnect, share what’s new and continue building our on-going communication.


Perhaps our paths will cross at one of the many events we attend worldwide! Adage is involved in multiple capacity from hosting and speaking to exhibiting and sponsoring at industry leading ecommerce, marketing, and vertical-specific events. Check out our upcoming events.



2018 was great but we are super excited about some upcoming launches we have in the works right now. Stay tuned and see how we are applying the latest in technology (AI, search, analytics, business intelligence, and more) for our customers in new and exciting ways.

Have questions? Contact us any time!

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